Kickass is a torrents search engine.
Kickass does not host any torrents or files.
Kickass respects copyrights and acts in compliance with EUCD and DMCA.
Kickass.SI is Google for torrents.


Kickass is free of charge for personal usage. Web scraping of the search results is not allowed. If you want search results for your application you must contact the website owners first.

Kickass is run privately and we do not guarantee 100% uptime.

Users violating this policy will be blocked. Oranizations will be also charged $3000 + bandwidth and other costs that may arise due to the violation.

Kickass reserves the rights to publish any information regarding violations.

This policy may change at any time without any further notice.

Using KICKASS search engine means that you accept this policy agreement.


Kickass respects your privacy.
Kickass does not use any cookies neither logs your IP address.
Kickass only keeps count of search queries without any related personal information.
For better privacy use TOR.


Send your takedown requests from your business email to abuse@kickass.si including the hashes of the torrents.


Send your ideas to: admin@kickass.si. New developers are welcome too.